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Why Advertise on Los Banos Talk

Los Banos Talk is arguably the most cost effective way to market your business to locals. Los Banos Talk reaches thousands of Los Banos residents everyday, both newcomers and life long residents. The audience watching and reading are people who are genuinely interested in the local community. Los Banos Talk focuses on Los Banos specifically, and so those watching and reading are also generally from Los Banos, which means virtually everyone in the audience is one of your potential customers.


The advertising model is specifically designed to be affordable and practical for local businesses. You can advertise month to month without a long term contract. You can buy just one commercial or ad or several, you can advertise every week, every other week, around holidays only etc. Your options are flexible and are designed to bring you a return on your investment. If you have at least $20.00 than you can advertise on Los Banos Talk! When you purchase an ad in a video or article it is considered a one time purchase that will forever be a part of that episode or article.

Getting started is fast and easy. You can schedule a free consultation to answer any of your questions and discuss options that would work for your budget and business by filling out the contact form below. If you think you already have a pretty good idea of what you would like to do and just want to see prices, packages, and available services provided, just check the box next to "send me packages, services, and prices" and the packages and pricing will be sent over to the email that you provide. Someone will contact you within that business day or the next business day. Regular business hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

You can also send an Instant Message through this website, and I will get back to you and answer your questions as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising on Los Banos Talk
How big is your audience and reach?

Los Banos Talk is has only been in business for approximately a year, but is growing at an extremely fast rate. Most of the following is on Facebook, with the second being Instagram, and third being the website. Currently the Facebook page has over 2,600 followers, the Instagram has over 600 followers, and the website has about 200 active subscribers. The reach however is much larger than just this. Typical videos get somewhere between 1,500 and 3,500 local views in about 48-72 hours. Articles generally get between 200 and 1,600 local reads. So many watch, read, or interact with Los Banos Talk that aren't technically subscribed yet, and based on the total population size it is estimated that about 1 in 4 residents regularly engage with Los Banos Talk multiple times within a month, and more than 50% of the population has seen an episode or read an article at some point. The host Justin Collins has become a household name in Los Banos, and is easily recognized out in public with a growing fan base. These numbers are constantly improving, and growing larger each day. Los Banos Talk is increasingly being seen as and recognized as the primary and #1 local news source, and is recognized formally by various local government agencies and organizations as press. 

Do I have to provide the video/advertisement? 

No, If you already have a video or digital ad that you would like to use, you are more than welcome to do so. You do not have to have your own video, digital ad, or flyer. Los Banos Talk can make you a digital article or flyer ad for a one time $20 production fee. We can also make your video for a one time $40 production fee. If you buy 4 or more video commercial ads the production fee is waived. 

Note: any flyer or video created for the client is considered shared property of the client and Los Banos Talk. You are welcome to use the ad on your own social media, website, etc. or however else you wish. 

Do I get to approve the Ad/Video Commercial before it airs?


Yes, in fact you have to approve of the ad before it airs. 

If I buy a package with say 4 commercials how many months or weeks is that?


When you buy commercial inventory with Los Banos Talk, you are buying that number of commercials. You are allowed to run them pretty much however you want, as space is available. In other words, when you buy a package that contains 4 commercials you can run all four commercials in the same week, you could run one per week for 4 weeks, you could run one per month for four months, or 2 one week and 2 in another etc. Most clients do think about their campaign in terms of months like 4 commercials a month or 2 a month etc., but you don't have to. You have the flexibility to organize your campaign however you wish.

How long am I committed and how do I cancel services?


You are not committing to a certain amount of time, but instead are buying a certain number of commercials. How long those commercials will last is dependent on how frequently you want them to air. You are not required to sign up for a long term contract, but if you choose to there are incentives and discounts for doing so. Some clients know that they will be using the services for a couple of months or stretch of time and choose to do a contract to lower the cost to themselves, and get bonus promotion. Since there is no contract there is no need to cancel, you have already paid for the commercials and will not be billed again unless you choose to buy more. You can choose to simply do nothing and commercials will stop when you run out and you will not be billed again. At the end of your campaign Los Banos Talk will contact you and ask if you wish to continue and if you do not just simply reply no. You don't have to give a reason or justification and there is no fee etc. for doing so. 

What are "Sub-Prime" Commercials?

Sub-prime commercials are generally the second commercial in an episode. Generally in an episode of Los Banos Talk there is a commercial at the very beginning of the episode, and then after the first few minutes a second commercial will air. That second commercial is the "sub-prime" commercial. They cost less than a prime-time commercial. It's another way to affordably advertising your business, or to increase the effectiveness of your existing campaign. They run as inventory becomes available, so in the event that there is no "prime-time commercial available, your sub-prime ad would run in the prime-time slot, but you would still be paying the sub-prime rate. You as the advertiser don't have as much say as to when they run and the ad must be no more than 30 seconds long.

Where will my commercials/ads all be seen?

It depends what kind of commercial or advertisement you are purchasing.


Video ads are part of the video show which streams on, Instagram via IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Currently most people watch the videos on Facebook. 

Article ads, are part of the articles on, but they are shared to Facebook and Twitter as well. Instagram does not allow link sharing, but the articles are promoted on Instagram with posts, and a special landing page just for Instagram article readers is in the Los Banos Talk Instagram Bio. Los Banos Talk has hundreds of newsletter subscribers who also receive the news articles directly to their email.

Flyer ads are pinned to the top of the Los Banos Talk Facebook page for 24 hours. It is from there shared to the Los Banos Talk Public Forum Facebook Group, the Los Banos Talk Nation Facebook Group, and posted to the Los Banos Talk Instagram and Twitter feed.

Is there a minimum amount of commercials I can buy?

No, you can even buy one commercial at a time or start and stop advertising as you please. Some clients advertise seasonally or only certain months of the year. You can do what works for your business and what is most comfortable for you. There is no minimum purchase amount required. There are various perks and added value that come with larger buys such as access to self promote in the Los Banos Talk Public Forum Facebook Group once you spend at least $200 in a 30 day period. Packages include added value and free additional sponsorship opportunities.

How long do my commercials stay in your videos or in your articles?

Commercials in videos and digital ads in articles are permanent, meaning they will never be taken down. It does not matter if you stop advertising with Los Banos Talk, you paid for that commercial and it will forever be a part of that particular video or article for the lifetime of that article or video. Videos and articles are never taken down except in very rare cases, and if that does happen you will be notified and your ad will air in a new video or article free of charge. In other words if we have to pull a story that you had an ad in for whatever happens it will be replaced free of charge, and you will be notified. As of writing this, that has never actually happened, but it is the policy we have in place in the event it ever was.