Big Lots Coming to Los Banos

Los Banos Talk

JCPenney located at 951 W Pacheco Blvd. Los Banos, Ca.

Photo by Stephanie Stock

On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, a City Council meeting was held in which Buxton, the city's retail and business recruiter, hired by the City of Los Banos Community and Economic Development Department in 2007, formally announced that Big Lots is taking over the old JCPenney building photographed above. Big Lots is a large retailer which carries a variety of products. You can check out their website here. It is not known at this time when Big Lots will be opening up at this new location, but things seem to be moving forward quickly.

Pictured above is a screen shot from the City Council meeting. Mayor Pro Temporee and Councilwoman, Deborah Lewis, asked what these company logos mean and the Buxton representative explained that these are businesses identified as a good match for Los Banos, and are businesses that they're actively recruiting. The representative said that due to confidentiality agreements, she cannot say who she is in negotiations with, but Big Lots gave permission to announce that they are coming to Los Banos.

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