City To Allow Outdoor Spring Street Faire

Updated: Apr 8

Los Banos Talk

The Los Banos Chamber of Commerce will be able to once again host it's biannual street fair this year in the usual location on 6th St. on Saturday April, 17 2021. The City even approved of the use of the children's train, but the train will have to be wiped down between each round. Both vendors and attendees will have to wear masks and vendors will now be located along both outer edges of 6th st., instead of being positioned in the center like previous years in order to meet the 6ft social distancing requirements.

People who attend the fair can expect food vendors such as kettle corn, ice cream, Portuguese food, and more. Other vendors such as crafts, jewelers, clothing, etc. will also be present. Informational booths will also be present at the event. The chamber is still looking for vendors, and if you want to rent a booth space you can call: (209) 826-2495, or walk in to their office located at 932 6th St. in downtown Los Banos.

The event will be held on 6th St. from 8am-3pm, and traffic will be blocked off from entering that street for the duration of the event. You will not be able to park on 6th St., but parking will be available along the adjacent streets and there are some small parking lots in downtown, such as on the corner of 7th and J st, by Bank of America, or behind Chase Bank.

This is the first large outdoor public type event that the Chamber has been able to hold since the start of the pandemic, and the Chamber is excited to be able to host such an event and is grateful to the City for allowing it. The Chamber is hopeful that this will bring much needed business to local vendors once again, and help with some of the economic recovery needed due to the lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions on businesses.

Los Banos Talk will also have an informational booth at the fair and you are more than welcome to stop by and say hello to Justin Collins.

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