LBUSD School Board to Hold In-Person Meetings Again

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On May 13, 2021, during a regularly scheduled LBUSD School Board meeting, School Superintendent, Dr. Marshall announced that starting in June, the School Board will resume to in-person meetings. Dr. Marshall mentioned that they have received numerous letters and emails from the public, complaining that the virtual meetings do not allow them to easily communicate their comments and concerns. Dr. Marshall said that returning to in-person meetings should resolve this issue.

The up-coming meeting is scheduled for June 10, 2021, but the state of California is not scheduled to lift its color coded tier system until June 15th. As a result, whatever guidelines and protocols that are in effect at that date will be in place. The Superintendent was not able to specify as to what the maximum occupancy would be or what exactly the meeting would look like.

Dr. Marshall said the plan is to hold the meeting at the City Hall like it has been done previously. If the City Hall is unavailable on June 10th, Pacheco High School is the designated secondary location to hold the meeting.

After June 15, 2021, meetings will be held at the City Hall and without capacity restrictions. The meeting in July will be the first "normal" meeting the School Board will hold in over a year since the pandemic. Currently, per CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask or practice social distancing, while those who are unvaccinated are required to continue to do so. However, it is difficult to say how this new guideline would be enforced.

The School Board meetings will continue to be recorded and broadcasted and are available to view on YouTube, so you can still watch them at home as time permits.

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