Los Banos Has A New Fire Engine

Los Banos Talk

The City of Los Banos has recently purchased a new Fire Engine named Engine 52, which will be stationed at station 2. The Engine has several new features and upgrades new to the Los Banos fleet. The engine that this engine replaced had over 100,000 miles on it. This engine is set up in such a way that it can respond to all types of calls, and can operate as a truck meaning it contains ladders, chainsaw, fans, etc. for ventilation cuts. It also has equipment fo vehicle accidents, high and low angle rescue missions, and the hoses and pump apparatus for urban structure fire fighting. This vehicle was purchased using Measure H funding.

Some of the upgrades are as follows:

  • New air bottles (lighter weight and lower profile)

  • Clean Cab air filtration system ( filters out carcinogenic particulates to reduce inhalation of harmful smoke and chemicals that commonly emit from used turn outs)

  • Electric Hersch Tools (Unlike hydraulic tools they don't require a generator/pump, and they can all be operated simultaneously instead of one at a time or one per generator)

  • I Pad (for checking call logs in real time, access information from dispatch, and GPS navigation)

  • Back-up Camera (Capable of viewing the rear of the Engine and passenger side blind spot

  • Shorter Wheel Base: (Allows for tighter turns and greater maneuverability in cul-de-sacs)

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