Los Banos To Get Bigger Trash Cans

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On July 1, 2021 the City of Los Banos will officially transition to the new trash service provider Mid Valley Disposal. With this transition will come some changes, under state law old trash receptacles will be destroyed and replaced by new ones provided by the new service provider.

Analysis was conducted regarding the current receptacles and numerous problems were identified with the existing trash receptacles. California lawmakers in the past created legislation that would charge the City $20 per receptacle larger than the 64 gallon trash container, which is what the City of Los Banos currently has now. The intent was that this would incentivize recycling, but it did not have the intended effect. Instead problems have arisen in which people place trash in recycling which contaminates the batch and costs money. Other issues identified in the study were people cramming their bins full resulting in trash being stuck at the bottom, and so trash gets left on the streets or the bin isn't completely emptied. Since then, the cost for a 96 galleon trash bin compared to a 64 gallon trash bin has changed and is currently being estimated by Mid Valley Disposal to cost between $1.25-75 per receptacle. This translates to residents paying about $0.05 more per month for trash service, but they will receive a 33% larger receptacle.

The City Council voted unanimously in favor to adopt the larger 96 gallon receptacle for trash as the default receptacle, at the council meeting on March 3, 2021. Citizens can elect to receive a smaller 64 gallon receptacle if they choose, but if they do nothing the receptacle they will receive by default will be the larger 96 gallon receptacle.

The larger trash receptacle will help offset the coming penalty changes. Under the Mid Valley Disposal contract, residents will be charged a $15 dollar fee for each occurrence of placing trash in the recycling bin. A representative from Mid Valley Disposal stated at the meeting that they would begin community outreach and education efforts soon, in order to educate the public of these various penalties and policy changes that go into effect on July 1, 2021. Information will be put out via their social media and also on residents bills. Under normal circumstances the new service provider would have to conduct town hall style gatherings and presentations, but due to COVID-19 alternative forms of outreach online and through mail, will be the primary means of communication. You can access the website here.

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