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Updated: Mar 13

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On February 11, 2021 one of the Los Banos Unified School District Board of Education Trustees, Anahi Rodriguez who represented District or Area 1, has resigned. The school board has been facing mounting pressure to investigate Rodriguez, in order to determine wether she still lived in her district. Rodriguez has also been the subject of criticism for not responding to public concerns that she no longer lives in District 1.

The following public comment was submitted to the board on February 11th which seemed to prompt the resignation:

"Dear Los Banos Unified School District Board,

"School board member, Anahi Rodriguez, does NOT currently live in the district she represents and hasn't for some time. According to the Los Banos Unified School District Board Bylaw 922p, "The district is divided into trustee areas and each trustee area shall be represented by a board member who resides in and is elected by voters residing within that trustee area."

"Anahi Rodriguez claims her residence is Redacted. However, she does not live there anymore. An entirely different family resides at that address now. None of Mrs. Rodriguez's vehicles are ever parked there. Numerous pictures of her children and family at her new Redacted address were posted on social media at the beginning of this 2020-21 school year. Christmas and other photos at the Redacted residence were also posted on social media while not one photo of the Redacted home has been posted for months."

"It is my understanding that a person must resign if they have moved out of their district they are representing. I would like this matter looked into and action for her resignation to take place."


Sarah Elam"

This public statement seemed to be the final proverbial nail in the coffin to Rodriguez's time in office. Rodriguez was elected in 2018 when she defeated the then long time incumbent Dennis Areias by winning 53% of the vote. This was her first term as a school board trustee, and had she not resigned, would be up for re-election in November 2022.

Rodriguez reached out to Los Banos Talk regarding the matter, and asserted that she has done nothing wrong. She indicated that the move to the new residence was scheduled for February, and should not have been a surprise to anyone. She feels as though she was the target of local politics, and as evidence to support her residential status submitted two receipts to Los Banos Talk dated 12/30/2020 showing that she paid the utility bills for water and trash service at that address. She also provided Los Banos Talk with a copy of her resignation letter which is attached below. There are two sides to every story, but regardless District 1 seat is now vacant.

LBUSD Resignation Letter
Download PDF • 646KB

The question now is, so what happens next? District one has a right to be represented by a Trustee who resides in their district. The Board will need to decide wether they want to appoint someone to fill in the position until November 2022 or if they will hold a special election. Regardless the individual will have to be someone who resides in District 1. In the meantime the Board presently has 6 and not the usual 7 members.

Here is a link to the School Board District Map. The representatives are not up to date, but the boundaries should be:


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