Vehicle Burglaries are Becoming Increasingly Common In Los Banos

Los Banos Talk

On September 19th at 5:24 am in the 2100 block of Gilbert Gonzalez Jr. Dr. Officers responded to a report of vehicle burglary. The reporting park discovered his vehicle had a shattered window and several tools were missing. While officers were on scene, they discovered three additional vehicles with similar damage, which appear to also have been burglarized.

Again on Sept 30th at 8:19 am in the 1500 block of Manzanita Way. Officers responded to a report of vehicle burglary. The property owner reported that several electronic devices were stolen and his video surveillance system captured the male suspect committing the theft and leaving the area in a vehicle on video. The items stolen were worth over $1,000.00 making this a felony theft.

In the last few months, reports and surveillance footage have surfaced depicting men stealing the wheels of vehicles and setting them back down on cinder blocks. I myself about a week ago had a man looking into my own vehicle and was fortunately scared off when my neighbors were walking towards my house.

I go through the call logs everyday and it seems as if there are vehicle burglaries happening several times a week. Surveillance systems have yet to identify or really catch anyone, and rarely are these thieves ever found. This and the fact that so many people have too many cars per residence means that there is an abundance of vehicles parked on the street, makes this an ideal crime for thieves.

What has proven to be effective is loud audible alarms. More recently on October 9th in the 1000 block of F St. Officers received an alarm at a city facility. A public works employee heard the alarm and responded and reported that someone had made entry into a city work truck and attempted to enter a shop facility. The employee reported that nothing was stolen and the audible alarm appears to have scared the suspect(s) away.

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